Mom & Grandma

Anna Marie Davanteri and Zina Davanteri 
(Mom & Grandma) 
Anna's Amazing Grace

This is the story of my mother, Anna, who was given a very special gift in the last days of her life on earth.  As she spoke for three days and nights straight through, she saw her whole life unfold before her eyes like a movie. She was taken on a guided tour of heaven and described to us its unbelievable beauty.  Although it was so beautiful there, she didn't want to leave yet. The angels told her if she forgave everybody who hurt her in her life, she would be given extra time on earth to spend one last Christmas with her family!  When she did this, Jesus was so pleased with her love and forgiveness, he gave her a gift of prophecy which she shared with all of us.

Words from Al Barbarino

Al Barbarino
Al Barbarino
"I consider it a true blessing to have been able to share in Anna's encounter with her heavenly experience in her final hours of life.  Her experience is a phenomenal confirmation of God's graces and love for for mankind....sharing in life eternal!  As I see it, Anna's experience is really another outpouring of God's love, especially for those who are "sitting on the fence" in their faith...praise God, now & forever!" 
Al Barbarino

Al Barbarino is a Lay Franciscan of the St. Padre Pio Shelter (Fr. Benedict Groeschel's Community...Franciscan Friars of the Renewal).  Al has ministered throughout the world for the past 20+ years in word and song.  His musical CD's help support the homeless at the shelter as well as the international efforts of Croatian Relief Services.  As a Franciscan, his mission is to evangelize and help the poor.

Anna's words

My mother's description of heaven was rich with details of its beauty.  She described the angels and saints  coming into the rotunda for her judgement.  She described the Arch angel, Michael, was very tall and his wings were so big that the other angels had to give him extra space.  She said Jesus' face "Shined like the sun and his eyes were the bluest eyes she had ever seen."  She said the radiance of the Blessed Mother was extraordinary.  She described how all our relatives and friends who have passed before us come to greet us at the welcoming place. Even our pets are there waiting for us!  Scenes unfolded before her like a movie on the wall.  She kept telling us to move out of the way so we wouldn't block the movie!  Everything is Past, Present, and Future - that's how she explained it to us.

Have Faith

Have Faith by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Have Faith
Faith can’t be given, it must be discovered.
Faith waits patiently for you to find it.
Faith is a journey, not a destination - no beginning, no ending.
Faith is always with you, so you are never lost.

Faith is not to be hidden, for it grows stronger when it is shared.
Faith is trusting in something greater than yourself.
Faith is knowing that you can let go because it will catch you.
Faith asks you to surrender, before it can give you strength.

Faith knows your faults, your weaknesses, yet it never abandons you.
Faith erases fear and bathes you in harmony.
Faith eases your pain, repairs your soul, and believes in you.
Faith doesn’t give you what you think you want, only what you truly need.

Faith forgives you, so you can forgive others.
Faith is the spirit that ties souls forever to each other.
Faith is the one thing that no one can take from you.
Faith is hard to define, but it defines who you are.

Have Faith

Art & Poetry by: Atlanta Marie Carrera